Effect of cyclodextrin on reversible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink

Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink is an intelligent material whose luminous color and intensity can change dynamically. It has unprecedented application prospects in information encryption and anti-counterfeiting. However, how to design and prepare a simple and practical fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink is an urgent problem to be solved.

As a traditional simple photosensitive molecule, anthraquinone can undergo photoreduction reaction under light, and its reduction products can produce fluorescence. However, this process is often sensitive to oxygen, so it can not be effectively used as fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink. Cyclodextrin is a kind of macrocyclic molecule with hydrophobic cavity, which can effectively encapsulate hydrophobic molecules in aqueous solution. In addition, recent studies have found that the cavity of cyclodextrin can prevent the quenching process of excited triplet substances by oxygen in air. Combined with the characteristics of the above two substances, Liu Yu research group of the school of chemistry of Nankai University designed and synthesized anthraquinone modified compounds β- Cyclodextrin derivatives form supramolecular polymers through host guest interaction in aqueous solution, so as to realize the photoreduction process of anthraquinone in air atmosphere. Through two-dimensional NMR, NMR titration, circular dichroism spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy, it was proved that anthraquinone group entered the large mouth end of cyclodextrin in an inclined way and formed supramolecular polymer in the form of head tail connection.

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