Pharmaceutical grade Gamma cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0

Pharmaceutical grade Gamma cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0

 Usage of Pharmaceutical grade Gamma Cyclodextrin

Gamma-cyclodextrin can be used in pharmaceutical field, γ-cyclodextrin could produce inclusion compound, which could: A. make unstable medicine stable; B. make deliquescing, sticky and liquid medicine more powder-like; C. make insoluble or hard-soluble medicine soluble.

Basic information

  •  Product Name       : Gammaa-Cyclodextrin

  • CAS NO.                : 17465-86-0

  • Synonyms              : γ-cyclodextrin ; cyclomaltooctaose

  • Abbreviation           : GCD

  • Grade                     : Pharmaceutical Grade

  • Molecular Formula  : C48H80O40

  • Molecular Weight    : 1297.12


Molecular structure:


Product Specification

Test StandardUSP

White or almost white, amorphous or crystalline powder.

 Freely soluble in water and in propylene glycol; very slightly 

soluble in alcohol.

IdentificationIRsame absorption bands as USP Gamma Cyclodextrin RS

the retention time of the major peak of sample solution

 corresponds to the standard solution

Optical rotation+174°~+180°
Residue on Ignition≤0.1%
Reducing Substances≤0.5%
Alpha cyclodextrin≤0.5%
Betadex cyclodextrin≤0.5%
Sum of Other Impurities≤0.5%
Loss on Drying≤11.0%
Color and Clarity of SolutionA 10mg/ml solution is clear
The total aerobic microbial count≤1000cfu/g

The total combined moulds

 and yeasts count

Packaging and storagePreserve in well-closed containers, and store at room temperature


Gamma cyclodextrin has a larger cavity than b- cyclodextrin, so the cavity can be covered with a wider range of guest molecules; gamma cyclodextrin has a better solubility in water.

Gamma cyclodextrin is a ring-shaped molecule made up of eight glucose units linked by alpha-1,4-bonds. The solubility degree of gamma-cyclodextrin in water is 23.2 g/100ml @ 25°C, which is higher than alpha-cyclodextrin and beta-cyclodextrin, and it is used to allow formation of inclusion complexes with bigger molecules.

Packing & Shipping

Packing Detail       : 1kg/Aluminum foil bag; 25kg/drum 

Shipping term        :By Express or by air


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Payment          : T/T in advance

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Yes,we can supply free sample for your test..


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Generally MOQ is 1kg for Gamma cyclodextrin.

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